About Us

Preserving our Tomorrow by Educating Our Community Today

Save Our Sexy Inc. (SOS)  was established in 2013 by Nurse Practitioner, Aisha N. Smith. The premature loss of several close family friends from diabetes and heart disease between 2012 and 2013 prompted Ms. Smith to recruit several other women, some of whom were registered nurses, to collaborate on the SOS project. They started on the streets of Harlem, setting up tables and chairs and provided health screenings and education to passing men.

The organization received its name when Ms. Smith asked a high school friend how he stayed so healthy and fit in his 40’s. His response was, “girl you know I have to save my sexy”. She was immediately drawn to the concept of healthy being sexy.

SOS is Morse code for an urgent appeal for help. We are responding to an urgent need for health education and intervention. Women play an important role in the health of men throughout their lifespan. We are dedicated to using our influential roles in healthcare to improve the health outcomes of men in our community. It is a holistic approach toward disease prevention, health education and health advocacy.

Although we continue to grow and expand our reach, the organization’s primary purpose is to improve the quality of men's lives by listening to how they feel about their health and providing resources for maintaining as healthy a life as possible.

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